PEKALONGAN, 20 FEBRUARY 2020 - still in the early stages of entering the first half semester, the Accounting Student Association of PSDKU Diponegoro University in Pekalongan held a blood donor on Wednesday (19/02/2020) in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Pekalongan Regency.
The activity that took place on the campus PSDKU Pekalongan Diponegoro University was carried out as a manifestation of the social and humanitarian care of the PSDKU Pekalongan Diponegoro University residents.
Chairperson M. Khamim Dwi Yuliarso said that the blood donation activity was a routine activity for every 3 month in campus. It is also a form to show the social care among people.
In this event at least there are more than 50 registrants who want to donate their blood. The participants consisted of students and employees within the campus of PSDKU UNDIP Pekalongan
The collected blood donation results were submitted to the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of Pekalongan Regency to be utilized for the general public in need.