Research institutions and community service (LPPM) Diponegoro University is again holding the 52nd class of international publication and manuscript training/clinic which will be held on 7 – 9 September 2023 at the Grand Wahid Hotel Salatiga. This event was attended by 21 young lecturers and 45 doctoral students Undip. Before being declared qualified as training participants, 111 participants were selected by sending draft articles which were then screened by the team LPPM. A total of 76 participants were declared successful from 111 applicants.

Present and opening the event, the leadership of LPPM Undip, Deputy Chair of LPPM for Community Service, Prof. Dr. Rahayu, S.H., M.Hum., gave a speech. Prof. Rahayu introduced the resource person and one of the training companions, namely Ari Warokka, S.E., M.Sc., MCEUE, MDEM, DEA, Ph.D., an academic from Jakarta State University. “This is the 51st manuscript training carried out by LPPM Undip. "Hopefully with this training, ladies and gentlemen can take a moment to escape from all the endless work, focus on writing and submitting articles to international journals," concluded Prof. Rahayu.

After the resource person explained the material, for 3 days the participants underwent a guidance and revision process from their companions, and were obliged to submit articles to international journals indexed by Scopus. Apart from the resource persons as companions, there were 11 other companions from various faculties at Diponegoro University, including Prof. Arief Budihardjo, professor at the engineering faculty, Prof. Naili Farida, professor of FISIP, and many more.

Ropinov Saputro, S.E., M.M., one of the lecturers PSDKU Undip stated that he was very grateful to be able to learn about international publications directly from experts in their respective fields of science. Usually a lecturer will hone his research and publication skills when pursuing further doctoral education. "When I first became a lecturer at Undip, because of limited information, I wondered to myself whether there was ongoing training from Undip which trained its young lecturers to become smarter in research and publication so that they could continue the struggle of our professors. "It turns out that the training I was looking for was under the authority and organized by a separate institution called LPPM Undip," concluded Ropinov Saputro. (rpv)