Batang is one of the districts in Central Java Province with the capital of Batang. This regency is bordered by the Java Sea in the north, Kendal Regency in the east, Banjarnegara Regency in the south, and Pekalongan city and Pekalongan Regency in the west.

The condition of the Batang regency region which is a combination of coastal, lowland and mountainous regions supports Batang potential for the development of agro-industry, agro-tourism and agribusiness.

The natural attraction and potential as well as its resources make Diponegoro University strive to bring a world class university in Batang. For this reason Undip is opening PSDKU in several regions, one of which is in Batang.

At present the PSDKU-Undip campus in Batang occupies the Ex building of The office of Department of Agriculture, Batang, the city of Batang which is on Dr. Wachidin no. 56,03 Kauman, Batang. The programs study opened were D-3 Tax Administration and D-3 Public Relations where the admission of new students is through the PSDKU UM Selection vocational program which is currently entering its second year.

So much enthusiasm for the community to enter college through the PSDKU-Undip program, the Batang District Government enthusiastically entrusted Undip to develop and improve the quality of the education of surrounding communities by giving land to build campus buildings.

Just recently the handover ceremony for the land grant certificate from the Batang District Government to Diponegoro University. The certificate presentation ceremony was done by the Regent of Batang, H. Wihaji, S.Ag., M.Pd. to the Undip Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, SH., M.Hum. at the Batang Regency office, Monday (8/7).

In his remarks, Undip rector Prof. Yos expressed his gratitude for being trusted and given the mandate to advance the quality of education and community welfare by building a campus in the location of Tumbrep village, Bandar district with a land area of 9.4 hectares.

Furthermore, Prof. Yos said, "Undip's efforts to bring world-class universities to improve the quality of human resources and improve the quality of education. Since Undip is the favorite number 3 for SBMPTN from 122 PTNs in Indonesia, especially in dentistry. Undip also entered the number 5 best university in Indonesia ". Furthermore, Prof. Yos said that, "Undip has prepared a budget and design drawings for the establishment of the campus so that it is expected that construction of the building will begin next year".

In line with Undip Rector, Batang regent H. Wihaji Regent, S.Ag., M.Pd. also said that the campus could be immediately built to improve the quality of education, community welfare and regional potential. "The 3 (three) land certificates granted were in accordance with the regulations and the approval of the DPRD" he said.

Present at the certificate handover program were the Deputy Regent of Batang, the Regional Secretary, the Head of Bapelitbang, the Head of the BPKPAD, the Head of the BPN and staff in the Batang Regency Government. (Ut-Humas).