Monday 23 November 2020 – The Diponegoro University Department of Communications team again carries out an annual agenda in the form of training public speaking among junior high school teachers in Semarang City. The training is a tangible manifestation of community service carried out by the Department of Communication Sciences, Diponegoro University, especially for fellow educators, namely junior high school teachers in Semarang City. Training public speaking this time it was held at SMP Cinde Semarang. Despite being in a Covid-19 pandemic condition, all health protocols are still adhered to and implemented properly such as washing hands, checking body temperature, using hand sanitizer, and of course social distancing . This time, the material about public speaking delivered by a lecturer in Communication Science, namely Dr. Adi Nugroho, M.Si, Agus Naryoso, S.Sos, M.Si, and Arifa S.Sos, M.Ikom.

This training began with remarks from the Principal of SMP Cinde Semarang, Muh. Syaeful Pratiknyo, S.Pd and then continued by Dr. Adi Nugroho, M.Si as the head of the training organizer public speaking.

“This Public Speaking public speaking is intended so that all teachers will be able to have the ability public speaking It is good that the information conveyed to the public, in this case the most important and often the students, parents, and the community around the school environment, can be well received. In addition, insert a little humor while teaching so that teaching and learning activities become interactive,” said Dr. Adi Nugroho, M.Si in his speech as well as delivering the first material from this training.

Then the next material was delivered by Arifa S.Sos, M.Ikom who discussed the 'well preparewhat a teacher should do before teaching his students. Studying the characteristics of students in terms of demographics, geography, and psychographics is one way to easily adapt the style of delivery of learning materials. In addition, using today's technology such as TikTok social media can also be an important breakthrough during the pandemic Covid-19.

In the third and final material, Agus Naryoso, S.Sos, M.Si had the opportunity to convey several things about how to train public speaking which unwittingly can be done in daily activities such as RT and RW meetings. other than that audience also given tips and tricks to make the teaching and learning atmosphere fun by paying attention gesture body gesture while teaching, not using robot voice and dog talker in delivering material to students, but by storytelling which aims to attract the attention of students to want to follow the lesson until the end.

This training activity ended with a practice session and a question and answer session by the audience, as well as a group photo session at SMP Cinde Semarang. This event took place in a conducive and interactive manner which was attended by 14 junior high school teachers in the city of Semarang from various junior high schools in the city of Semarang such as SMPN 8 Semarang, SMPN 39 Semarang, and SMP Cinde Semarang. (FBP/AFR)