On Tuesday, October 27, 2020, the Chairman of the LPPSDKU Diponegoro University , Dr. Redyanto Noor, M.Hum., Along with the Secretary of the Institute, Dr. Eng. Munadi, S.T., M.T., visited the office of the Regional Revenue, Financial Management and Asset Management Department (BPPKAD) of Rembang Regency which is located at Jalan Diponegoro No. 90 cities of Rembang to fulfill the invitation for the handover ceremony of land certificates designated for PSDKU UNDIP Rembang Campus. Meanwhile, the BPPKAD Rembang Regency itself was represented by Ifvo Ferryatama, S.STP, M.Si. as the head of assets BPPKAD of Rembang Regency .

The PSDKU UNDIP campus land in Rembang Regency is a grant from the Rembang Regency Government. On this 150,205 m² area of land, a new building on the PSDKU UNDIP Campus in Rembang Regency has been inaugurated since last February. Actually the PSDKU building has been equipped with facilities and infrastructure that support teaching and learning activities for students and lecturers at the campus of the PSDKU UNDIP Campus Rembang, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching and learning activities have been eliminated offline and replaced with online, so that students and lecturers still not able to enjoy the new infrastructure facilities at the UNDIP PSDKU Campus in Rembang Regency. However, some students who do not have laptops or have internet network difficulties can use the computer facilities and internet networks on campus. (rkm)