Located on Ds. Turusgede Rembang District, the new building as Program Studi Di Luar Kampus Utama (PSDKU) in Rembang was inaugurated its use by the Rembang Regent (H. Abdul Hafidz) and Undip Rector (Prof. Yos Johan Utama, SH, M.Hum) on Thursday (02/06/2020). From the Rembang Regency Government, the inauguration ceremony was attended by all Rembang District Muspida, meanwhile from Diponegoro University attended by vice rector I, vice rector II, vice rector III, Chair of the Senate, Chair of the Institute, and all Faculty Deans at Diponegoro University

PSDKU Undip campus in Rembang is one of the land and building grants given by the Rembang Regency Government to Undip in order to improve the quality of Rembang community education and improve the economy of the surrounding area. In his remarks, the Rembang Regent hoped that several new study programs would soon be established to support the socio-economic and geographical conditions of Rembang Regency. Meanwhile, Undip rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Rembang Regency Government who dared to make a breakthrough in order to advance the economy, human resources, and the processing potential of Rembang Regency. Undip rector will make every effort to meet the expectations of the Government of Rembang Regency for the sake of the Rembang regency

The new building of the Undip PSDKU campus in Rembang has three floors consisting of 8 classrooms with an area of 1,967 m2. This grant building is a continuation of the collaboration process between Rembang Regency Government and Diponegoro University in the context of PSDKU Undip where previously the Rembang Regency Government granted 15 hectares of land. This new campus will soon be used for academic activities in the even semester of year 2019/2020. The process of filling supporting facilities for academic activities such as meetings, laboratories, and other supporting facilities will soon be undertaken by Undip in the near future. With the Undip PSDKU New Campus Building in Rembang, it received positive responses from PSDKU students and high school / vocational students in Rembang Regency.

Currently the PSDKU Undip in Rembang has only one Study Program, D3 Corporate Management. In the near future a study will be conducted by the PSDKU Management Institute chaired by Dr. Redyanto Noor, M.Hum to add study program that really contributes to the Rembang district related to an increase in the Higher Education Participation Rate (APK) in Central Java, especially in Kab. Rembang; equity and capacity building for human resources and science and technology in Rembang for the development of Central Java; human resources development in Rembang; and the economic potential of the Rembang community.