Undip officially accepted 619 new students for PSDKU and S1 Biotechnology Faculty of Science and Mathematics at Diponegoro University for 2018/2019 academic year consisting of 110 Bachelor Programs and 509 Vocational Programs, Monday (3/9) in the Prof. Soedarto, SH building, the Undip Tembalang campus.

Undip admission of new students is symbolically marked by the installation of an alma mater jacket to several representatives of new students.

Undip Vice Rector I Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Zainuri, DEA said that soon the student would officially be confirmed as students at Diponegoro University who bears the name of Prince Diponegoro, one of the best universities in Indonesia. A university that is accredited A or superior, and is among the top four most desirable universities in the Republic of Indonesia "he said

"The brothers will be part of the Diponegoro University extended family, which has a total of 55,030 students supported by 1700 educators, and supported by 2144 education staffs. With such a large number of students, educators and education staff, it is clear that Diponegoro University is the largest university in Central Java.

Zainuri added that on this occasion the students would be handed over to the Dean of the Faculty and the Dean of the Vocational School to be further educated in accordance with the objectives of the study program.

Through the New Student Admissions ceremony this morning, the new students were grouped in groups according to the Regency. In this way, the students could get to know each other in the same class, who in the future were expected to continue to be a closer association and create a harmonious extended family.