Tax Administration D3 study program lecturer, Ropinov Saputro, S.E., M.M. who are members of the UNDIP consultant team invited students from the PSDKU Batang D3 Tax Administration Study Program in a presentation activity on the NJOP Land Adjustment study at BPKPAD Batang. This activity has been taking place since December 2022. The student team consists of 9 students, but only 4 students attended the presentation event on Friday 9 February 2023, namely Tsabita Via Sufika, Muhammad Adiyat Tariq, Rara Shofina and Mustafidah, while other students were busy carrying out internships.

The UNDIP PSDKU student team received the task of field observation and data collection, namely in the form of surveying land prices in 15 sub-districts in Batang. The student team conducted a survey of 150 respondents as samples taken based on random purposive sampling which is then validated with information from related village officials. By process double check It is hoped that the data taken can represent the actual conditions of the population, namely land prices throughout Batang Regency.

The joining of PSDKU Batang lecturers and students in the UNDIP consultant team in the Batang district government is a form of UNDIP's commitment and contribution, especially the UNDIP PSDKU Management Institution in developing Batang Regency. Considering that the work of consultancy services in the area of regional taxes has high relevance to the study programs of the lecturers and students who carry out the work. In addition, regional taxes, regional levies are a mandatory subject for the D3 Tax Administration study program which students must take in semester 5. This means that the UNDIP PSDKU lecturers and students concerned have carried out off-campus activities related to expertise in accordance with the essence of the government's policy on Independence. Independent Campus Learning (MBKM).