At the beginning of 2023, students in the final semester of the PSDKU Batang D3 Tax Administration Study Program will undergo internships at companies/agencies as part of the vocational education curriculum. The internship is carried out simultaneously for 3 months, where the output of this activity is the internship report and the students' final assignment. Some of the favorite companies that are destinations for internships for tax administration students are the Financial Management Agency of each region, the Tax Consultant Office and the Accounting Services Office.

Last year, two students joined the regional tax consultant team at BPPKAD Kudus under the guidance of Ropinov Saputro, S.E., M.M., academic/lecturer at D3 Tax Administration PSDKU Batang. This activity is a study of the regional tax potential of BPPKAD Kudus 2023 - 2025. With the aim of achieving sustainable progress in the service's performance, the two students, Mada Osamanti and Alfi Syahrin, decided to do an internship at this agency. "In 2023, two of the four students took the initiative to do an internship for their final project at BPPKAD Kudus because they thought they wanted to continue the work stage after joining the regional tax study team in Kudus the previous year," commented Ropinov.

The two intern students received important tasks such as field observations and direct socialization with BPPKAD employees and helping prepare draft Draft Regional Regulations for Regional Taxes and Regional Levies as a continuation of BPPKAD Kudus's work program. After draft The Draft Regional Regulation was reviewed several times with Kudus Regency stakeholders, the student supervisors returned as discussion experts draft Ranperda PDRD together with Special Committee II DPRD Kudus. There was a good synergy of performance from UNDIP lecturers and students in utilizing their knowledge to the community, through BPPKAD, OPD and Kudus DPRD as partners. (rpv)