D3 Tax Administration K. Batang Diponegoro University on 27 October 2020 hold a public lecture of practitioner/industry lecturer for entrepreneurship courses. The study Program brought in an entrepreneurship expert, Dr. Bayu Kurniawan, S.Kom.,M.M. who is an UMKM coach that have BNSP National Certificate. Other than as practitioner expert in entrepreneurship, Dr. Bayu also an academics in Ngudi Waluyo University. This entrepreneurship lerctures is hold after the previous public lecture with mrs. Lovinta that discussed about The Internet Information Security of Things which took place in the morning.

Online class of practitioner lecturers moderated by entrepreneurship lecturers of the D3 Tax Administration Study Program K. Batang, Ropinov Saputro, S.E., M.M. this lasts about 90 minutes. Ropinov said that the entrepreneurial potential of students must be increased in order to face the challenges of today's work / business world. Where the statement is relevant to one of the values of graduate learning outcomes, namely preparing students so that they are not only tough as job seeker but also tough as job creator. The Students looking enthusiastic to attend the online class that can be seen from the amount of students who actively join the discussion with the practitioner.


Some of the 5th semester students of the D3 Tax Administration Study Program already have quite good entrepreneurial skills, both in theory and practice, which is marked by the presence of a group of students under the guidance of Ropinov Saputro, SE, MM, who passed the KIBM Student Business Innovation Competition 2020 until National level. The team group consisted of 5th semester students named Dewa Andra Wijaya, Elok Iklasul Amalia, and Tunggal Andaratri who submitted the "Sweetseacake" business idea.


Head of Tax Administration D3 Study Program K. Batang, Mutiara Tresna Prasetya, S.E., M.Si., Akt. said that the conditions for online learning due to the Covid-19 Pandemic would not hinder students' efforts to achieve student achievements, especially in the field of entrepreneurship up to the national level. The Head of the Study Program also said that the D3 Tax Administration Study Program of K. Batang had compiled a timeline for the performance of the Study Program by bringing in expert practitioners in public lectures and also collaborating with various government agencies in Batang Regency. The work plan of this study program is a necessity in an effort to improve student competence, especially the nature of vocational education which must involve a lot of the Business World and the Industrial World (DUDI) with the hope of increasing the compatibility of graduate competencies with the needs of the world of work later. (rpv)