DIII Regional and City Planning Study Program K. Pekalongan PSDKU Diponegoro University together with the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office of Pekalongan Regency has had a collaborative program, one of which is to improve the quality and capacity of Human Resources in Pekalongan Regency. In order to achieve this goal on Saturday, October 24, 2020, activities were carried out "Handheld GPS and Basic GIS training for ASN Department PUPR of Pekalongan Regency". This program is implemented in order to support the PUPR Department to carry out various activity programs in the fields of public works and spatial planning.


ASN enthusiastically participated in the activity. The lecturers of DIII-PWK K. Pekalongan PSDKU Diponegoro University acted as deliverers of the material. The activity started from the first session, namely training on the use of GPS Handheld and continued with field practice of taking location points using GPS accompanied by lecturers and students. In the second session, the GPS points will be input into the GIS software where participants have previously been provided with basic GIS materials. The activity was continued until digitizing training to produce maps. This activity also involved DIII-PWK PSDKU students as well as to equip students to be active directly in the field, to provide an overview of the field of work after graduation and to initiate job opportunities in Pekalongan Regency agencies.

This activity is carried out by implementing health protocols, including the use of masks, gloves, face shield and hand sanitizer on lecturers, students and training participants. In the future, activities like this will be carried out at other Departments in Pekalongan Regency as a form of support for the D3 Regional and City Planning Study Program Diponegoro University PSDKU in the progress of the Pekalongan Regency area. (brn)