All lecturers and educational staff at the Undip PSDKU Institute attended the 2023 PSDKU UNDIP Initial Work Meeting at the SA MWA Undip Tembalang Building, precisely in the BAA courtroom on Wednesday 11 January 2023. Present to open the event was the Deputy Chancellor for Resources, Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Heru Susanto, S.T., M.M., M.T., and Chairman of the PSDKU Institute Dr. Redyanto Noor, M. Hum. along with ranks. Present as a resource person for this workshop was the Deputy Head of Research for LPPM UNDIP, Prof. Dr. Agus Subagio, S.Si., M.Sc., and Prof. Dr. Hadiyanto, S.T., M.Sc.

Wakil Rektor Sumber Daya Universitas Diponegoro memberikan sambutan

PSDKU Undip has 6 cross-scientific study programs, spread across three cities, namely Pekalongan, Batang and Rembang. On that occasion Prof. Agus Subagio, Deputy Chair of LPPM as the institution that manages research and community service at UNDIP, stated that PSDKU in 2022 was declared a graduate in the field of community service funding. He further stated that the service at PSDKU could be an example for service at the main campus of UNDIP Semarang, especially the superior product innovation of the GUAREN palm sugar village which was chaired by Ropinov Saputro, S.E., M.M. PSDKU Batang lecturers partnered with the Head of Tumbrep Village, the village where the Undip campus in Batang is located. Of course, GUAREN's innovation is not the only example, there is also a superior innovation from PSDKU in Pekalongan in the form of a compost maker. Based on these two experiences, LPPM UNDIP thinks it is necessary to increase research and community service assignments for 2023. Of course, these facilities must be balanced with an increase in the quality of work of the implementing lecturers.

Even though community service was declared successful, it is unfortunate that the research scheme given to PSDKU UNDIP lecturers has not provided significant results. For this reason, this workshop also presents research experts, namely Prof. Dr. Hadiyanto, S.T., M.Sc from the Faculty of Engineering UNDIP. In the lecture session, Prof. Hadi taught how to write articles to pass the review of reputable international journals.

The final session of this workshop was a presentation on the governance of PSDKU UNDIP 2023, led by the Secretary of the PSDKU Institute, Dr. Eng. Munadi, S.T., M.T. In this session, Munadi announced 4 new positions, namely at PSDKU Batang, Chair of the Computer Laboratory, Ropinov Saputro, S.E., M.M. and Head of Production Studio, Rintulebda Anggung Kaloka, S.I.Kom, M.I.Kom. Meanwhile, the Head of the Computer Laboratory at PSDKU Pekalongan was entrusted to Muhammad Indra H.W.K, S.T., MPWK., and Lela Lestari, S.M., M.M. for PSDKU Rembang. We hope that the initial meeting of 2023 PSDKU UNDIP will be followed by better performance achievements of all PSDKU UNDIP lecturers. (rpv)