“Being a leading institution in supporting increased access, equity, quality, and relevance of higher education in Central Java”


PSDKU Diponegoro University Institutions are:

  1. Implement the management of education in the exact and non-exact sciences to increase access to education quality nationally in producing professional graduates.
  2. Carry out quality research, publications, intellectual property rights in the development of science and technology in order to increase regional potential to support national development.
  3. Carry out community service in an effort to support equitable distribution of national development, especially in Central Java based on the potential of local communities.
  4. Carry out continuous improvements in order to improve the quality of education governance that is transparent, accountable, and efficient.


Diponegoro University Educational Values are philosophical values that are put forward in the administration of education to achieve the vision, mission, goals and strategic goals of the Diponegoro University PSDKU Institution which include:

  1. Honest.. Honesty is interpreted as an attitude that reflects the compatibility between heart, word and deed, or being firm in one's stance. This attitude is in line with Prince Diponegoro's values which prioritize honesty, integrity and determination, which is reflected in the nature of the struggle against evil. The PSDKU Institute of Diponegoro University in carrying out the teaching and learning process and all supporting administrative activities must be carried out honestly and firmly in following laws and regulations, transparency, and has high accountability.
  2. Brave. Bravely is interpreted as a steady attitude and great self-confidence and not afraid in facing problems and difficulties. This is in line with Prince Diponegoro's values which prioritized being brave, having a firm stance, never giving up, and being willing to sacrifice. Having a high spirit, reflected in actions, staying strong and eager to continue the ideals of an unyielding struggle, both physically and mentally. The PSDKU Institute of Diponegoro University as one of the units in higher education institutions has the principle of adhering to truth, must dare to act and innovate and express opinions in all forums, as long as it is believed to be true and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and adopted norms.
  3. Care. Caring is interpreted as an attitude of always heeding, paying attention, and ignoring. This is in line with Prince Diponegoro's values which put the interests of the people first, reflected in his very wise, empathetic, trustworthy and populist attitude, residing in the midst of the people and fighting to relieve the suffering of the people. The PSDKU Institute of Diponegoro University must always prioritize the national interest, the public interest, and the interests of the people in making every decision. Various efforts are made to help students excel, especially if they are less well off economically. This is done through the Single Tuition Fee (UKT) exemption program for poor students.
  4. Fair. Fair is defined as an attitude that is not biased and holds on to the truth and is not arbitrary. This is in accordance with the noble values of Prince Diponegoro who should be followed, namely the nature of always prioritizing togetherness and justice for others. The PSDKU Institute of Diponegoro University must apply the principle of justice in deciding all policies and in responding to all problems faced based on the principles of truth and applicable laws and regulations, such as by implementing UKT cross subsidies between students in class 1 and 2 and students in class 3 and above.

Educational Objectives of Diponegoro University:

The Strategic Objectives of the Diponegoro University PSDKU Institution:

  1. Increasing access to quality education for local communities on the competence of graduates as experts and skilled workers who have a basic knowledge, skill, and professionalism in supporting National Development.
  2. Improving the quality and quantity of research and publications to solve problems that exist in the community, especially those related to regional potential in supporting the application of science and technology.
  3. Implementing science and technology as a form of community service to improve the standard of living of local communities for the advancement of national development by involving the community, local government/companies, industry, and other agencies.    
  4. Develop professionalism, capability, accountability related to the credible system of governance of the Diponegoro University PSDKU Institution.