• Becoming a Superior Center for Vocational Education in the field of Public Relations and Mastering Information and Communication Technology in 2035


  • Organizing vocational education in the field of public relations (public relations) which produces competent graduates with professional skills capable of implementing, information services, digital marketing, and public relations campaigns and event organizers.
  • Carry out applied research in the field of public relations or public relations in private or government agencies, as well as collaborate with relevant stakeholders to produce innovative works and programs based on science and technology.
  • Building a positive academic atmosphere with the support of adequate facilities and infrastructure, such as multimedia laboratories, public information service laboratories (radio streaming, TV streaming, social media streaming) and modern office laboratories so as to produce graduates with professional personalities who have motivation, confidence, and competitiveness as well as commitment and integrity to apply knowledge in order to carry out work professionally.
  • Carry out community service activities in accordance with the expertise of lecturers in the field of government PR and corporate PR in the form of knowledge transfer, counseling, mentoring and joint projects with government and private agencies in the field of public relations.
  • Increase the number of collaborations with various relevant institutions in the field of public relations, including BUMN, BUMD, ministries, local governments, corporations, political parties, NGOs, tourism industry, media industry, entertainment industry, PR agencies and consultants, hospitals and medical services, associations profession, in particular to increase the competence of graduates and job opportunities.