The Pioneer Student Association for the Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning (HMPS PWK) PSDKU Diponegoro University K. Pekalongan this year held a competition for the first time with the title “HMPSDPWK VIRTUAL COMPETITION”. From the title, it can be seen that this competition is online/virtual, which means that it is held at the place/home of each participant. This competition also has a very relevant jargon to motivate with the current conditions, namely “Pandemi Tidak Menyurutkan Eksistensi

This competition was held on October 31 – November 8, 2020 with various competitions including, Mobile Legends, Posters, and Cover Songs. Opening Ceremony The event was quite lively because it was attended directly by the UNDIP PWK PSDKU Student Lecturer and the Head of the PSDKU PWK Study Program. Although the competition took place virtually, the competition was very interesting and lively because the participants were very enthusiastic about participating in this competition. Especially the Mobile Legends e-sport competition, because the participants are very ambitious to become champions and the teams are required to use the right tactics against each other. The Mobile Legends Competition was broadcast live through the HMPSDPWK youtube channel which aims to provide a forum for viewers or supporters of each team to be able to watch their favorite team.

Poster and Cover Song competitions were no less interesting because the participants also gave their best to become winners. Although the participants were very ambitious and very emotional to win this competition, the participants did not lose their sense of sportsmanship among other contestants. After all the competitions are over, the event is closed with Closing Ceremony yang di laksanakan pada tanggal 8 November 2020. Closing Ceremony the event was also lively because it was enlivened by the appearance of the HMPSDPWK's Art and Talent Division, namely Music and Dance. From the series of competitions that have been held, the winner of each competition, the 1st place in the Mobile Legends competition was won by the Dickies Brotherhood team from Jakarta, the 1st place in the Poster Contest was won by Serrina Dwi Handini from Brawijaya University, Malang, and the 1st place in the Cover Song Contest was won by Chairunnisa Kumala Dewi from Diponegoro University, Semarang.

This competition aims to increase the relationship between participants and train coordination and cooperation between team members in the arts and e-sports. Another thing that is the goal of this competition is to widely introduce the D-III Regional and Urban Planning Study Program PSDKU Diponegoro University K. Pekalongan to the general public and to other students or students in particular. It is hoped that this competition will continue every year and hopefully it will be more lively than the previous years.(brn)